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potted plants

Welcome to our plant store! We offer a wide selection beneficial plants that will make your home or office a healthier and more beautiful place. We also have rich potting mixes and composts to help your plants thrive. Browse our collection and find the perfect for your needs.

Green House

At GBSG Green Spa, we take pride in taking care of your precious plants. Our team is equipped to nurse damaged or sick plants back to top condition, ensuring that every plant leaves us healthy and happy.  Our plant stays start from just $0.50 a day for a minimum duration of one month. ​Schedule your plant's consultation and  spa holiday with us today!

 painted pot

Looking for a way to unwind and escape your busy lifestyle? Our workshops are perfect for all ages and skill levels, from novice to experienced. We believe that having plants at home is an art form in itself, and we're excited to teach you the art of relaxing while engaging in plant care. Enroll now and discover the joy of plant care!

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