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Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa the cousin of the Adansonii, is hardy and easy to care for. It is easily recognisable due to the ridges and holes on its more mature leaves, known as fenestrations. The “Deliciosa” part of the plant’s name comes from the pineapple like fruit it bears in its natural habitat. Monsteras are climbing plants and love to ascend vertical surfaces. If you want to grow your Monstera tall instead of wide, use stakes or moss sticks to guide its growth upward. Any foliage lover owns at least a pot and would definitely agree that this plant is very easy to care for. It can also add character to any living space.


*Photos are only for illustration. Original product may differ slightly.



    Avoid placing the plant in direct sunlight. The leaves can easily get sunburned. An area with bright indirect light would be best.


    You will get the best performance and healthiest growth from well-aerated soil that drains quickly. Heavy soil has a tendency to retain too much moisture, which can lead to rot problems and even plant death. Mix in perlite or coco chips to achieve that. 


    Regularly water your plant, making sure that the soil is moist, yet not drowning. Generally water about once a week in indoor houseplant conditions. Or ensure that the soil is dry right up to the middle first before watering. Water thoroughly and make sure that there is enough drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.


    Use a well-balanced liquid fertilizer or a liquid blend for houseplants and apply every once a month at half-strength. If the potting mix you used to create the soil mixture contained a slow-release blend, you probably won’t have to apply any additional fertilizer application for several months. 



    All plants sold have been living with us for at least a couple of weeks before being delivered. We have given extra care an attention prior to it being sold. We do not sell plants that are sick or damaged. We urge all buyers to thoroughly check the condition of the plants' new home and to also equipt themselves with the basic knowledge of plant care before making the commitment of being a new plant parent. 


    All orders will be delivered with a fee of $12.50 regardless of quantity per location. It is recommended that we deliver it to your chosen destination as to ensure that the plants reach you safe and healthy. All deliveries will be made every Saturday between 2pm to 6 pm. Orders made on the Friday after 12 pm of the delivery week will be delivered on the following Saturday.


    orders made on delivery day
    1st week Friday12pm to 2nd week Friday 1159am 2nd week Saturday
    2nd week Friday 1205pm 3rd week Saturday
PriceFrom S$35.00
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