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Peace Lily

Peace Lily

When it comes to houseplants, the peace lily is one of the most popular plants. Due to its low maintenance and appearance–those big white bracts and glossy green leaves. Peace Lily is one such plant that it can absorb any noxious indoor air. It can grow in bright indirect sunlight. Good looks and low requirements make it an obvious choice among in indoor plant growers. This beauty comes with a self-watering pot too!


*Photos are only for illustration. Original product may differ slightly.



    Place Spathiphyllums in a spot that gets bright, indirect light and see them thrive. Although medium light condition will also be fine. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves so do avoid it.


    They typically grow in moist, well-drained soil. Whatever soil you choose to use, just make sure it is light and drains well and contains a bit of nutrients for the best performances.


    Spathiphyllums prefer soils that are regularly moist, not soggy, as compared to many indoor houseplants. When it comes to watering, consistency is key. Keep the soil lightly moist to the touch, but not overly saturated. Peace lilies can tolerate short periods of dry soil, but their leaves will start to develop brown tips if they don’t have enough water or humidity.


    Peace lilies are not heavy feeders, so fertilize only occasionally. To encourage growth, fertilize every 4 to 6 weeks or so with a balanced houseplant fertilizer.


    All plants sold have been living with us for at least a couple of weeks before being delivered. We have given extra care an attention prior to it being sold. We do not sell plants that are sick or damaged. We urge all buyers to thoroughly check the condition of the plants' new home and to also equipt themselves with the basic knowledge of plant care before making the commitment of being a new plant parent. This is also applicable to all organics and non-organics item.

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    All orders will be delivered with a fee of $10.50 regardless of quantity per location. It is recommended that we deliver it to your chosen destination as to ensure that the plants reach you safe and healthy. All deliveries will be made every Saturday between 2pm to 6 pm. Orders made on the Friday after 12 pm of the delivery week will be delivered on the following Saturday.


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