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Satin Pothos S

Satin Pothos S

Satin pothos , just like its cousin pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Both are members of the Arum family. They are evergreen tropical vines that are usually grown indoors. The leaves have silvery grey splotches, which makes them look almost shiny and adds to the visual appeal of the plant.

It does not come with the hanging string.  


*Photos are only for illustration. Original product may differ slightly.



    Avoid placing the plant in direct sunlight. An area with bright indirect light would be best.


    You will get the best performance and healthiest growth from nutrition rich soil that drains quickly. It doesn't do well in wet sorry soil. Mix in peat moss, pine bark, and perlite or vermiculite in your potting media to ensure good drainage.


    When watering, the key is to avoid overwatering, which will manifest itself by yellow leaves and the vine wilting. Water only when the top two inches of the soil feel dry to the touch—poke your finger into the soil to check. Water slowly and deeply with room-temperature water until you see water seeping out of the drain holes. 


    Use a well-balanced liquid fertilizer or a liquid blend for  houseplants and apply every once a month. 



    All plants sold have been living with us for at least a couple of weeks before being delivered. We have given extra care an attention prior to it being sold. We do not sell plants that are sick or damaged. We urge all buyers to thoroughly check the condition of the plants' new home and to also equipt themselves with the basic knowledge of plant care before making the commitment of being a new plant parent. This is also applicable to all organics and non-organics item.


    All orders will be delivered with a fee of $12.50 regardless of quantity per location. It is recommended that we deliver it to your chosen destination as to ensure that the plants reach you safe and healthy. All deliveries will be made every Saturday between 2pm to 6 pm. Orders made on the Friday after 12 pm of the delivery week will be delivered on the following Saturday.


    orders made on delivery day
    1st week Friday12pm to 2nd week Friday 1159am 2nd week Saturday
    2nd week Friday 1205pm 3rd week Saturday
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